All the mindmaps have been updated so that the pricing is simply referred to as "Paid" or "Very Paid" where "Very Paid" refers to anything over £4.  This is due to fluncuating prices of apps which are impossible to keep up with it.  Better than to have basic information rather than detailed but incorrect information.

Also, some work on Augmented Reality apps has been done and updates to that mindmap have occur 
Now that Haiku has a web presence and provides the ability to embed slideshows you've created, we have added the current version of the introductory presentation to the main page.
20 or so apps have been added to the mindmaps.  They are mostly in the comic/creation area which has been divided into two sections.  One about drawing and using images already on the apps and one which creates the comics from your camera library.
The Pedagogical Frameworks and Research pages have been populated.  In addition, the signposting on the front page and the types of activity page have been improved.  On the mindmaps there has been some relabelling.  

Lots of new apps have been noted for reviews so updates to the mindmaps will appear over the next few days.
A number of pages added which caused a restricting of the site.  The mindmaps of activity type are now subpages within the Types of activity page.  Hover over this page to see the subpages.

Pedagogical Framework added to include Blooms Taxonomy and the SAMR model.  Also, links to good research on this subject a